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It is my privilege, as Headteacher of Buckler’s Mead, to welcome you to our academy. Buckler’s Mead is for students aged 11-16, co-educational, and converted to an academy on 1st August 2011. We are committed to working together with pupils, parents, directors and the Community, to realise the full potential of every child.

We have high aspirations for our students and high expectations. Click here to read more….

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Mrs Sara Gorrod

— Welcome

Academy puts students results first before league tables

Large Group English iGCSEOutstanding Progress

BUCKLER’S Mead Academy students are celebrating after exceptional English iGCSE exam results as the unique school in Yeovil to enter their entire Year 11.

The fast-improving academy had a range of stunning success stories across the whole year, both in terms of actual achievement, with 71 per cent gaining an A* to C, and also of ‘levels of progress’ made by students.

Student Olivia Rieppa gained an A* six months early, while a whole host of students achieved an A, and a third of the Year gained a phenomenal FOUR levels of progress, well above the Government’s expected level.

Buckler’s Mead Academy was the only school locally to enter the entire Year 11 for an early entry GCSE and one of just a few per cent nationally.

Many schools have stopped putting students in early as it will affect their exam league table positions. The Government now only take a student’s first GCSE result in their official league table data.

Headteacher Sara Gorrod said: “We are so proud of all our students. We continue to recognise that students benefit from gaining GCSE qualifications throughout their final year, building momentum for the terminal exams. With this in mind we entered all of our Year 11 students for an early entry English GCSE. They all did amazingly. This demonstrates the fantastic progress that our students are making.”


An incredible 45 budding authors at Buckler’s Mead Academy win ‘spine chilling’ writing competition

Competition winners

AN incredible 45 budding authors from Buckler’s Mead Academy have won a ‘spine chilling’ writing competition.  Students including Emma-Mae Sexton, 13, Megan Williams, 12, Henry Wadham, 12 and Kaela Robertson, 12, in Year 8 will now have their stories published in a published book of short 100 word stories.  And among the 45 selected are Year 7 students Alfie Waddleton, Holly Cutts and Chris Wood.

The Youngwriters.co.uk Creative Writing Competition was aimed at 11 to 18 year olds and asked students to write mini sagas that would be funny, creepy, scary or odd.  It comes on the back of exceptional English iGCSE results just achieved by students at the school six months early.

Emma-Mae wrote about a vicar who gets killed by a young man, Megan wrote a story called ‘Never Forget, Henry told a tale about daytime Zombies, and Kaela called her creation ‘The End’.  Alfie wrote ‘Friday 13th July’ about a sleepover which ends badly, Holly wrote ‘The Maiden’s Mansion’, and Chris Wood called his story’ Werewolf Invasion’.  Henry said he is keen to become a full-time author and was encouraged by the win.  He said: “Having been told that I am going to be published had made me realise I have the skills to write published stories.”

English teacher Kara Wadham said: “This is an incredible achievement by all 45 students. We are very proud of them all.  “There was a limit of 100 words which enabled the students to express themselves more concisely and their language had to be targeted. They had to redraft and redraft to get it right.”