Year 11 Parent Portal

Hi, and welcome to our Year 11 Parent Portal. This Portal has been set up to provide support to you, our parents as we navigate the next seven months together. we will be guiding you to blogs, videos, helplines and literature for ideas to help you support your child with revision, mental health and wellbeing, dealing with the new norm and keeping the information flow current

Your experience of Year 10 and 11 at Buckler’s has been like no other and it’s so important you stay focused and work hard in the next few months to make the best of what has been a very challenging situation. 
This portal will help you to do that, with support and advice on how you look after yourself and each other, encouragement to stay motivated, help with revision techniques and being prepared, and ensuring you are ready to take the next steps beyond Buckler’s. 

Q: What is the leaving date for Year 11 students this year? (17/03/2021)

A: We will be confirming their leaving date soon and will update parents as soon as this has been decided.

Q: My child has missed months of school because of the pandemic – how is it fair for them to sit an exam just like any other year?

A: This won’t be like every other year. Unlike other years, teachers and students will get advance notice of the topic areas in many of the exams and they will be able to take things like formula tables in with them on the day. This will make the exams less stressful for students and help them prepare.

The exams will also be graded more generously to recognise how difficult this year has been for students. This means more students are more likely to receive the top grades than in a normal year.

Q:Does advance notice mean you’ll be telling students what the questions will be?  

A: No. In some cases they will be told the topic areas that will come up – but not the questions themselves. Doing this will help pupils and teachers to focus revision and attention on the areas they will be tested on. This won’t look the same for all subjects, but the vast majority of subjects will have adaptations like exam support materials, for example formula sheets in maths, or advance notice of topics.

Many parents find their teenager’s behaviour challenging.  

Teenagers’ behaviour can be baffling, stressful, hurtful and often worrying. But in most cases it does not mean there is anything more serious going on than the natural process of becoming an adult.

Coping with your teenager – NHS (

Teenage behaviour advice | Family Lives


Contact details for Head of Year and Tutors.

The Head of Year and his team are on hand to offer help, guidance and support. We are here to answer any questions you may have

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