Transition Arrangements

“Please be aware that since the COVID19 pandemic we have been incredibly restricted with our approach to transiton. We will endeavor to continue to do all we can to support any parents/students who are considering joining BMA. For  further infromation or direct questions please d onot hesitate to contact the academy by phone or through”

Buckler’s Mead Academy would like to welcome all visitors, parents and potential new parents to the academy. In this area of our website, we hope all of your questions are answered.

Induction – Support into Year 7.

We are very proud of our programme of induction and support for students who are leaving Year 6 and joining us in Year 7.

Most students moving to a new academy have mixed feelings. They look forward to the new friends, teachers and opportunities. They also feel sad at leaving the teachers and school they have known for so long. However, our induction programme helps Year 7’s settle in very quickly and overwhelmingly the feedback we get is “I love it at Buckler’s Mead”.

Induction Programme

Late Spring – Our Year 7 Co-ordinator and other staff visit students in their Primary Schools to talk to them and their teachers. Teachers and parents/carers complete paperwork to help staff prepare for the students.

Spring Summer – There are a whole range of activities that groups of students – including Gifted & Talented and also those for whom transition might be difficult – take part in at Buckler’s Mead Academy. Students work on tasks in a special induction booklet to help them prepare for the move to the Academy.

Early July – A day when students visit the school to meet staff and work with their new form group. There is also an evening for parents to come to the Academy and meet form tutors and Senior Staff.

First Day in September – Year 7 start on their own and have the school to themselves prior to other year groups starting. Year 9 mentors are trained and in place to help new Year 7s settle in.

Ongoing in Year 7 – A whole range of activities, assemblies and information aimed at getting students settled in and working well, not least the ‘meet the tutor’ evening in October.