Construction talent academy

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We had some great feedback from yesterday’s construction talent academy session at iAero site.

“What a joy it was to meet Alix today. She was really engaged and joined in. She has great ambitions in this area.”

Here is some of the feedback about what the group learned about construction…

• Many more jobs than I expected

• They have fireproof paint!

• A commercial build is expensive.

• It is not a male dominated industry

• It is all about teamwork

• There are many myths out there about construction industry

• There is a lot of detail.

• Health and safety is important for yourself and those you work with

• There is more to it than just power tools

• Construction works hard to reduce the impact it has on the environment around it

• You can work in construction at many different levels and you can go to Uni

• A triangle is the strongest shape

• Technology has really changed things… the client can see the end product virtually before they start!

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