Catch Up Premium

Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium

Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium allocation for the current academic year

  • Funding allocations received for 2017/18, £19.000
  • estimated allocation for 2018/19, £19,731

Details of how we intend to spend 2018/19 allocation

  • Additional funding was spent on enhanced differentiated resources for both Numeracy and Literacy; this could include alternative support materials, computer software, computer hardware, etc…
  • Staffing costs to employ Key Stage 3 Leaders for both English and Maths
  • Funding into staff to enable smaller class sizes in both Maths and English
  • Staff training and development for teaching students age related expectation
  • Additional intervention classes on timetables of some Yr 7 Students
  • Additional SEN teacher allocated to key students for English and maths lessons