10 Reasons to work at Buckler's Mead

  1. A welcoming, supportive and unified staff who go out of their way to make everyone welcome. 
  1. Welcoming, open students who are happy, interested and engaged in their learning and responsible, confident, successful members of the community. 
  1. An individual induction programme, tailored to meet your needs (this will be a re-induction programme if you are returning to work after a break). 
  1. Regular formal and informal opportunities to share best practise, with a wide range of staff with different experience and backgrounds contributing. 
  1. A member of the Mid-Somerset Consortium which trains Schools Direct students, encouraging us all to focus on the craft of the classroom and develop our skills. 
  1. Annual Performance Management review for both teaching and support staff to discuss your skills, development and training, as well as review your contribution to our academy and its performance. 
  1. A genuine opportunity to really make a difference to young people’s lives and ‘open doors’ for their future. 
  1. Investors in People Award achieved eight times with the assessor identifying the following key strengths:
  • Strong communication and a shared understanding of what the academy is setting out to achieve.
  • A very real emphasis on team working with a whole team effort to deliver a high quality educational experience to students.
  • High levels of motivation and energy amongst staff, with a fierce sense of loyalty to the academy.
  • Career progression and opportunities for professional development. Many staff have had access to internal promotion.
  • Staff feel supported, appreciated and valued.
  • Senior colleagues are always available to offer support and guidance and the academy has a supportive, open and trusting leadership team.
  • Regular, constructive feedback to staff. 
  1. Middle and Senior Leaders who ‘walk the talk’. We are approachable, open and honest. 
  1. We relish a challenge. We do not seek quick, easy fixes or accept complacency.