Dear Parent/Guardian


At Buckler’s Mead Academy we are seeing more and more of students consume fizzy and energy drinks on a regular, sometimes daily, basis. These drinks, such as Rock Star, Lucozade, Monster and Coca-Cola, pose a health risk to young people due to the ingredients they contain.

Energy drinks contain high levels of caffeine and sugar. In a small 250ml can there is typically 80mg of caffeine. There is also very often hidden caffeine content. The amount of sugar in each energy drink is also a real concern as large cans contain as much as 60g of sugar – that’s 15 teaspoons of sugar!

Consumption of sugary fizzy drinks and energy drinks can lead to insomnia, anxiety issues, headaches, nausea, heart palpitations, abdominal pain, type 2 diabetes and bed-wetting. Rather than helping students stay alert they can result in young people falling asleep during the day due to problems with sleep at night time. It is our opinion, as well as that of Public Health England and the British Heart foundation, that these drinks are a danger to the health of young people and they contain no nutritional benefits.

In addition to the health risks, we are also concerned about the affect these drinks are having on behaviour. We have had occasions where students who have consumed energy drinks have been involved in incidents of poor behaviour. Whilst sugary fizzy drinks and energy drinks are not solely to blame for this lack of self-discipline, we believe that they are a contributory factor.

From 8th January 2018 all fizzy and energy drinks will be banned at Buckler’s Mead Academy. Any student who brings one of these drinks into school will have it confiscated and disposed of. We also reserve the right to complete bag searches for such items in line with our policy on bag searching for banned items.

I hope that parents/carers will give us their full support on this ban. It is not a step that we have taken lightly and is in line with other local academies and schools. We firmly believe that banning these products will be of benefit to the health of the young people at Buckler’s Mead Academy.

Yours sincerely

Mr P Mattocks

Assistant Head

(Behaviour & Inclusion/KS4 Behaviour)

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