Welcome to the Drama Department at Buckler’s Mead Academy.

When pupils arrive at Buckler’s Mead Academy they are taught drama in tutor groups. In Years 8 & 9 they are taught in sets and can choose drama as an option at GCSE level. Currently pupils follow the Drama GCSE qualification by Edxcel.

As a subject, drama is both hard and fun. Pupils are encouraged to work cooperatively and sensitively with others, to listen, share, discuss and make decisions for the benefit of the group and their work. Pupils  are expected to take an active an effective part  in all aspects of the lesson and to develop as effective, independent learners with reflective and enquiring minds.

Drama at KS3 is not about putting on plays; although pupils will have the opportunity to do this. In Year 7,8 & 9 drama aims to help pupils to develop their confidence when speaking to others and when expressing opinions. Drama also helps pupils to develop awareness of empathy and the feelings of others.By the end of Year 9, pupils should have awareness of the dramatic potential of ideas and the performance skills by which to communicate effectively with an audience.

Throughout Years 7-9, pupils are assessed under three core areas: Group work; Performance skill; Application of Knowledge and Understanding.

At GCSE level, the course is divided into three units:

Unit 1 –  Drama Exploration- 30%

Unit 2 –  Exploring Play Texts – 30%

Unit 3  – Drama Performance – 40%

For Unit 1 & 2 pupils are expected to take part in a practical controlled assessment lasting 6 hours in total; Unit 1 on an Issue,Theme or Topic such as ‘Gang Culture’, and Unit 2 on a published Script.

During the two year course, pupils are also expected to complete a 2000 word ‘Review of a Live Performance’ and keep a notebook record of all practical work undertaken.

At the end of the course, pupils participate as either performers or performance support candidates in an externally assessed performance exam based on an assignment brief from the examination board.

The Drama Department is well resourced and staffed by an extremely dedicated and enthusiastic team. The main drama studio is equipped with a lighting rig and sound equipment and all classrooms have an interactive whiteboard. Lessons incorporate a variety of activities and working methods. Pupils may work individually, in pairs, small group and as a whole class during a whole class role play. Many lessons have the additional support of an experienced and qualified  Drama TA.