Sims Parent Lite App

Invitation emails for the Sims Parent Lite App have now been sent out to Year 10 and 11 parents. If you are the parent of a Year 10 or 11 student but have not yet received an invitation please contact the Academy Office on 01935 424454 to update your contact email address. Invitations for the parents of other year groups will be sent out next week.

Buckler’s Brainiacs

Respected ex-pupil Liz Pike came to talk to ‘Buckler’s Brainiacs’ – a gifted and talented literacy group run by High Achievers Co-ordinator Miss Wadham about her work with the Yeovil literary festival. Her accounts of the authors she has met captured the attention of the pupils and she inspired both pupils and staff with her book recommendations.

Pupils pictured are Molly Rousell, Amber Woodbury, Maya Lenkiewicz, Elizabeth Faulkner, Jamie Lucas, Charlotte Galliott, Aaron Cox.


Students and Staff present a fundraising cheque to South Somerset MIND

In honour of much loved and respected Buckler’s Mead Academy staff member Mandy Perkins, who sadly passed away in the summer 2017 students and staff at the academy have been raising money for South Somerset Mind, a charity aimed to promote good mental health and wellbeing to encourage greater understanding of mental health issues.

On 23rd January students, staff, and members of Mandy’s family presented a cheque for £1284.06 to David Fields, Community Fundraising Manager for South Somerset MIND.

Since September Buckler’s Mead Academy has hosted a variety of fundraising events in memory of Mandy and to raise awareness of mental health, supporting the South Somerset MIND charity. Events have included a Wear it Bright Day, Soak the Teacher, Welly Wanging, Cake sales, Non-school uniform days, Christmas Raffles, Craft Sales, Nail Salon, Tinsel the Teacher, I’m a Student get me out of here (Bush Tucker Trial) and a Charity Christmas Card.

Money has also been raised to refurbish the pond area at the academy to create a garden in memory of Mandy. Work will start on this in the near future, with staff and students involved. Students will be able to buy a ‘memory stone’ to decorate and have it included within the garden.

Headteacher, Mrs Sara Gorrod said ‘Fundraising will not stop there we have a number of events planned to continue raising awareness, keeping Mandy’s memory alive and supporting such an incredible charity’


Dear Parent/Guardian


At Buckler’s Mead Academy we are seeing more and more of students consume fizzy and energy drinks on a regular, sometimes daily, basis. These drinks, such as Rock Star, Lucozade, Monster and Coca-Cola, pose a health risk to young people due to the ingredients they contain.

Energy drinks contain high levels of caffeine and sugar. In a small 250ml can there is typically 80mg of caffeine. There is also very often hidden caffeine content. The amount of sugar in each energy drink is also a real concern as large cans contain as much as 60g of sugar – that’s 15 teaspoons of sugar!

Consumption of sugary fizzy drinks and energy drinks can lead to insomnia, anxiety issues, headaches, nausea, heart palpitations, abdominal pain, type 2 diabetes and bed-wetting. Rather than helping students stay alert they can result in young people falling asleep during the day due to problems with sleep at night time. It is our opinion, as well as that of Public Health England and the British Heart foundation, that these drinks are a danger to the health of young people and they contain no nutritional benefits.

In addition to the health risks, we are also concerned about the affect these drinks are having on behaviour. We have had occasions where students who have consumed energy drinks have been involved in incidents of poor behaviour. Whilst sugary fizzy drinks and energy drinks are not solely to blame for this lack of self-discipline, we believe that they are a contributory factor.

From 8th January 2018 all fizzy and energy drinks will be banned at Buckler’s Mead Academy. Any student who brings one of these drinks into school will have it confiscated and disposed of. We also reserve the right to complete bag searches for such items in line with our policy on bag searching for banned items.

I hope that parents/carers will give us their full support on this ban. It is not a step that we have taken lightly and is in line with other local academies and schools. We firmly believe that banning these products will be of benefit to the health of the young people at Buckler’s Mead Academy.

Yours sincerely

Mr P Mattocks

Assistant Head

(Behaviour & Inclusion/KS4 Behaviour)

Presentation Evening 2017


Buckler’s Mead Academy’s class of 2017 returned to collect their GCSE certificates last week. The annual event is a celebration of the achievements of students who have left Year 11.

The evening was an opportunity for students, parents and teachers to join together and celebrate success. Amongst the certificates there were 6 Special Awards that highlighted individual success from Academic achievement, Effort, Determination to succeed and contribution to the life of the academy. The Academy also took the opportunity to celebrate the life of Mandy Perkins who sadly passed away during the summer. Her family were invited to the academy to present a new award in her honour the ‘My Lovely’ award was presented to Kobe Medlin to acknowledge the kindness and caring attitude that he displayed throughout his time at Buckler’s Mead.

Amongst the winners this year were:

Chris Collins Cup for Academic Achievement – Sian Dennett

Keith Richmond Cup for Girls’ Contribution – Jessica Surrey

Len Knight Cup – for Boys’ Contribution – Niall Ring

Dennis Bagnall Cup for Academic Effort – Joseph Kirkpatrick

Ashford McKenzie Cup for Determination to Succeed– Jake Bishop

The Gulliver Music Award – Nikki Vellacott

Mrs Stevens, Class of 2017 Year Coordinator, led a fantastic evening together with the Tutors, reminiscing the highs of the 5 years the students spent within the Academy. Tutors commented on how rewarding it is to welcome students back to the academy and hear about the next phase of their lives beyond Buckler’s Mead.


Mark Lawrence, Deputy Headteacher said “This is always a fantastic evening, it is great to see the students return to collect their certificates and awards and to have the opportunity to once again wish them well for the future. It is special for the teachers to hear the stories of what the students have moved onto next”.