Year 9 painting challenge

Yr9 GCSE: the Big Still life Painting Challenge. Inspired by the current BBC series, y9 students have challenged themselves to produce their own still life study in just 2 hours this term. All students were asked to link their work to the style of one of three famous Still Life artists: Morandi, Thiebaud or Matisse

Michaela Lock

Michaela Lock

Naomi Miles

Naomi Miles

Chantellle Wilsher

Chantellle Wilsher

Jess Miles

Jess Miles

Lucy Gale

Lucy Gale

Evie Callaghan

Evie Callaghan

Hannah Mara

Hannah Mara


Year 10 English students Talk the Talk

On 24th February, Year 10 students at Buckler’s Mead  Academy worked with expert trainers from the education charity Talk The Talk.

Talk The Talk’s mission is to improve students’ communication skills to enable positive interaction in all life situations.

Talk The Talk has trained over 10,000 students in the past twelve months in England and Wales and nearly 50,000 since we first started – using a programme developed over the past five years.

This exciting and engaging master-class in essential speaking and listening skills within a creative classroom environment teaches students how to use persuasive language techniques to get ‘their message’ across. The day highlighted and nurtured employability skills, interview techniques and key presentation skills.  Via numerous speaking opportunities, students were coached and supported throughout the day to deliver a structured two-minute presentation, on a topic for which they have a genuine passion, to their peers.

Head of English, Stephen Howe said ‘There is no doubt that grades open the door to opportunity for our students. But when they walk through that door – it is a completely different set of skills. We are striving to ensure that all young people are suitably equipped with the essential tools and skills to communicate confidently in a variety of situations – both within school and in their lives beyond.’

The Royal Life Saving Society UK


John Frosdick and Paul Skipp 2 volunteers from the RLSS UK spent the day at Bucklers Mead Academy educating the entire year 7 and 8 cohort about how to prevent and save potential dangers in water.

The students were given some hands on advice about water safety as well as shown some hard hitting, but extremely important facts about the amount of people who drown due to not following simple safety guidelines, which the pupils were guided through. It was an invaluable experience for the students and hopefully may in the future be the difference between someone drowning and being saved.

John and Paul are looking to educate other schools so that they spread the message on how to have fun but be safe in open waters. If any school is interested please contact them through the RLSS UK Yeovil website.



Deputy Mayor of Yeovil David Recardo was invited to talk to a group of gifted and talented pupils at Buckler’s Mead Academy about his favourite book.

David captivated the students with his re-telling of a novel by local author Jackie Gingell.

‘Buckler’s Bards’ co-ordinator Kara Wadham said “David certainly entered into the spirit of Buckler’s Mead’s own version of a literary festival.  He was entertaining, humorous and re-told the tale well.  This was a fantastic opportunity for pupils to meet with a figure in the public eye and understand that reading for enjoyment occurs at any age”.

The Deputy Mayor was presented with a commemorative ‘Buckler’s Bards’ trophy by Ellie Lister in Year 9, with which he was delighted.


group David an Ellie

Children in Need

IMG_0752 IMG_0753 IMG_0754 IMG_0756  IMG_0758 IMG_0759 IMG_0760 IMG_0761 IMG_0762

Alongside the usual Non-school uniform Buckler’s Mead academy students once again have got into the fundraising spirit.  This year the Academy’s student voice were involved in planning a number of fundraising events to support Children In Need.  From cake sales to sports events, Guess the sweets on the cake to a giant Pudsey full of pennies, the students got involved to raise well over £1000.

The art department even got involved with Teachers competing in a still life art competition, although they will not be the next Monet, the teachers were well supported in their efforts by a cheering crowd of interested students.

Literary festival welcome the brightest from Buckler’s Mead Academy


Gifted and Talented Year 9 pupils from Buckler’s Mead Academy attended Yeovil’s Literary Festival and met authors Emma Carroll and Kiran Milwood-Hargrave. The authors spoke about their recent novels, ’Strange Star’ and ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’.  Jacob Stafford from Buckler’s Mead Academy found the author’s early life stories ‘inspiring and relatable’.  Evie Callaghan read the book ’The Girl of Ink and Stars’ and stated ‘I really loved the book and hope she writes more.’ Kara Wadham, Gifted and Talented Coordinator and English teacher at Buckler’s Mead Academy said, ’ We would like to thank Liz Pike and Marcus Bishop from Waterstones. This was a wonderful opportunity for the pupils to meet published authors and gain a valuable insight into the writing process.’

Pictured:Jacob Stafford, Rory Jennings, Henry Wadham, Drew Verhoest and Evie Callaghan with The Literary Festival Organiser Liz Pike.

Directors Academy Awards 2016

On Tuesday 20th September the academy held its annual Directors Academy Awards.  An evening where students, parents, staff and directors gather to celebrate the fantastic achievements of students throughout the academy and across all subjects.  High achievers and most improved students in all subjects were presented with awards from the academy’s devoted team of directors.  Kind donations were given by local business that have joined in partnership with Buckler’s Mead in order to recognise the great achievements of its students.  The academy were grateful to have an ex student speak to the audience of students and parents.  Steve Lawes was a student in the academy in the 1970’s and is now the Consulting Director for International company Deloitte’s.  Headteacher Sara Gorrod said ‘It was fascinating to learn of the great success from a former student and we hope that this can raise the aspirations of our students and enable them to open doors for the future.  To acknowledge their achievements on such a wonderful evening was fantastic’.

143 (2)

GCSE results at Buckler’s Mead Academy 2016.


The Academy continues to go from strength to strength, with success across the board for both students and departments.

The English and Maths departments achieved results to be proud of as more than 10% of students gained the highest possible A* or A grades, in each of these subjects. 73% of students gained a C or above in English. The academy is also celebrating significant success in the amount of students that have achieved the highest A*-A grades in 5 or more subjects which has doubled in the last 2 years.

Other subjects with significant success included ICT, German, Applied Science, Politics, Polish, Music, Drama, Textiles and Art.

In recent years the Academy has been in the top 2% of the Most Improved state schools in England and identified as the Most Improved in Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Wiltshire for 2011-13. Buckler’s Mead Academy are once again proud of their achievements and truly believe that they are ahead of the game in preparing students for what is a fast and ever changing educational landscape.

Overall the academy has seen the number of students achieving 5 or more A* and A grades more than double this year. Top achievers included, Samuel Court, with 11 A* or A grades, Lauren Rousell, with 9 A* or A grades, Tim Batty, Rebecca Crane, Katie Mountford, and Luke Miles all achieving 8 A* or A grades.

Headteacher Sara Gorrod said: “We are so proud of all our students. Their hard work has paid off. The entire staff within the academy must also be congratulated for their relentless support and inspiring teaching which has enabled every student to succeed. Well done to all.”

Full and final results will be available in a few weeks’ time on the academy website.