Mandy’s funeral will take place on Thursday 10th August at Yeovil Crematorium at 2pm.All are welcome to attend.

With deep regret we have to inform you of the loss of a valued member of staff, Mrs Mandy Perkins, who died at home yesterday.

Our sincere condolences go to her family and friends at this difficult time.

We ask that you respect their privacy. We will mark her life and contribution to the academy in the new term.

Mrs S Gorrod Headteacher


Figurative Sculptures by year 9

Year 9 Art students have been exploring how to create human form sculptures using wire and mache techniques. These little figures are designed to show correct proportions, movement and a personal meaning in their pose.

Hannah Bailey

Jay Evans

Jess Miles

Krissi Skaba

Lucy Gale

Naomi Miles

Stephanie Doye

Amy Bowden

Ellie Lister

Evie callaghan

E-Safety Update

You may be aware that the most recent Snapchat update may be a threat to child safety.

There is a new feature in which any photos/videos you take can be made public on a map for ANYONE to see including people who are not your friends.

Students will need to turn their app to ‘ghost mode’ so that strangers cannot see their pictures.

It seems the update has not been clear on how their pictures will be used but there are concerns that it can be as accurate as showing the stranger the location of the house as well as the pictures.

The link below outlines more detail about the update and how to change the settings.

GCSE Exam Results

Students can collect their results on Thursday 24th August between 11.00-13.00

GCSE results not what you expected? 

If you did better than you thought or didn’t get the grades you had hoped for, don’t panic! There are still lots of options available to you.

  • Contact the College or 6th Form you have applied to as soon as possible, inform them of your results and they will advise you of what they can offer.
  • If you are unsure of your next steps and want to discuss your options, I am available on results day, Thursday 17th August and will be in school from 10.45am to 1pm and available on my mobile or via email until 5pm (see contact below)
  • Alternatively, please contact CSW Group through our Adviser Online service, available Monday to Friday 12.00pm – 6.00pm and follow the information for Adviser Online.

Career and Personal Adviser, CSW Group (Careers South West)

07810 884052 or

Buckler’s Mead Academy’s talented writers have done it again.

Buckler’s Mead Academy’s talented writers have done it again. Pictured are a selection of  thirty three talented writers who have been selected to be featured in a book called ‘Welcome to Wonderland’ published by ‘Young Writers’. Miss Wadham, who ran the competition said, ‘Once again, I am delighted that Buckler’s Mead has been selected to appear in this prestigious publication, reflecting our pupils’ many story writing talents.’

LED Leisure Management Ltd to manage Buckler’s Mead Leisure Centre

LED Leisure Management Ltd to manage Buckler’s Mead Leisure Centre in Yeovil

LED Leisure Management Ltd, who already manage Goldenstones Leisure Centre and Westlands Sports and Fitness Centre in Yeovil, are delighted to have been selected as the preferred partner to manage the Buckler’s Mead Leisure Centre.

The centre has a fantastic range of facilities, including a gym, sports hall and activity halls, and a superb, newly re-surfaced 4G all-weather pitch along with tennis and netball courts.

LED’s Unlimited members in South Somerset will soon be able to take advantage of the full range of facilities and activities on offer at all three of LED’s Yeovil sites, as well as at Wincanton Sports Centre and all of LED’s facilities across East Devon.

Peter Gilpin, LED’s CEO said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Buckler’s Mead Academy to take over the management of the Leisure Centre.  I believe that it will provide wider opportunities for customers and staff of both organisations, and the people of Yeovil as a whole.”

Sara Gorrod, Buckler’s Mead Academy Headteacher, said “It is a great pleasure to announce that we are entering into a partnership with LED for the management of the Buckler’s Mead Academy Leisure Centre.  Their range of venues will add value for our existing members.  We have carefully chosen LED for their experience, expertise and approach to leisure.”

It is intended that LED will take over the management of the centre from September.

Meningitis Advice Letter

Following the recent news Buckler’s Mead academy would like to offer the following statement.

The Director of Public Health at Somerset County Council, Trudi Grant, said: “We have been made aware that one pupil who attends Buckler’s Mead Academy has been admitted to hospital with probable bacterial meningitis.

“We would like to reassure parents that there is no reason to make any change in the school routine and no reason for children to be kept at home.

“Meningococcal bacteria are carried in the back of the throat of about one in ten people at any one time, but only very rarely cause illness. Most people who carry the bacteria become immune to them. The bacteria do not spread easily and only those who have had prolonged, close contact with the person are at a slightly greater risk of getting ill. The people who have been in close contact have been identified by the Public Health England.  Others who attend the school have a very low risk of developing meningococcal disease and no further wider action is necessary at the present time.

“The best advice still remains for parents to be aware of and alert to the signs and symptoms of meningococcal disease such as vomiting, severe headache, unexplained temperature rise, dislike of bright lights, neck stiffness, a non-blanching rash, drowsiness, and altered levels of consciousness.

“If anyone is feeling unusually unwell, and displaying the symptoms they should contact their GP immediately or call 111.

“If you want further information please visit


Download (PDF, 242KB)

Year 11 Photography

Year 11 Photography pupil’s have been responding to their chosen theme from the GCSE Photography exam paper. These images show their experiments and investigations so far – which they will develop to produce a final outcome during the 10 hour exam. Their chosen themes are:

Eleanor Batson, Jamie Evans – Creative Landscapes

Will Witham, Blake Walker – Motion

Meghan Kirk – Shelter

Annalise Guppy – Out of Place

Scott Harris – Detail


Will Witham

Will Witham

Scott Harris

Scott Harris

Meghan Kirk

Meghan Kirk

Jamie Evans

Jamie Evans

Eleanor Baston

Eleanor Batson

Eleanor Baston

Eleanor Batson

Eleanor Baston

Eleanor Batson

Eleanor Baston

Eleanor Batson

Blake Walker

Blake Walker

Annalise Guppy

Annalise Guppy

Annalise Guppy

Annalise Guppy