Beliefs and Values

Beliefs and Values KS3

Beliefs and Values examines Religious and Secular beliefs and values about the world. Over years 7, 8, and 9 students will study a wide range of issues such as; ultimate questions, sources of authority, the environment, life’s special events and journeys, injustice and contemporary moral issues.

Year 7

  1. Intro to B and V – what do you believe?
  2. Religious around the world – sources of authority.
  3. Symbolic rituals.
  4. Life after death.
  5. Rites of Passage/Special Journeys.
  6. Multi-faith society/Beliefs about God.

Year 8

  1. Beliefs that changed the world #1 Prejudice and Discrimination
  2. Beliefs that changed the world #2 Democracy around the world
  3. Knowing right from wrong – moral values.
  4. Evil and suffering
  5. War and peace
  6. Multicultural Britain

Beliefs and Values KS4

In Key Stage 4 all pupils follow the AQA GCSE short course. This course allows each pupil to express their ideas and opinions on a range of contemporary moral issues such as crime, drugs, prejudice and war and peace.

All students take two exams at the end of Year 11 to gain a full GCSE in Religious Studies.

Year 9

  1. Crime and Punishment
  2. Crime and Punishment
  3. War and Peace
  4. War and Peace
  5. Christian beliefs and practices.
  6. Muslim beliefs and practices

Year 10

  1. Origins of the Universe and Life
  2. Animal Rights and Planet Earth
  3. Abortion, Euthanasia and Life After Death
  4. Christian beliefs and practices.
  5. Muslim beliefs and practices
  6. Revision and end of year exams

Year 11

  1. Animal Rights and Planet Earth
  2. Crime and Punishment
  3. Revision – Rich and Poor, Elderly and Death
  4. Revision – War and Peace, Early Life
  5. Revision – Drugs and Alcohol, Religious Teachings
  6. Study Leave